I am Muirén, and I have brought to bear a laser-like focus on founding an ArtScience Cooperative, Performance Theatre as Experiential Culture Lab, one that is self-supporting largely by its own efforts here in the Bay Area. I begin this mission of ArtScience demonstrations with a Socially Aware Theatre that through the lens of some of humankind’s most ancient mythic narratives, comments and engages the patron in the topics of the day with subtly and nuance.

The inception project I speak of takes the form of a Telepresent Shadow Puppetry presentation enabled by the use of Live MoCap or Motion Capture and other leading-edge technologies subsumed by the elegant simplicity of shadow puppets animated by performers in remote locations around the world.

The donation of your valuable time, talents, and or treasure aid the incorporation of this effort, are a vote of confidence that will always be deeply appreciated.

One huge stumbling block in my path has been a refusal by business consultants and lawyers I have approached to even consider the creation of a legal instrument I characterize as an IP Trust.

By this I mean a trust of intellectual property created by cooperatively members, purchased by the cooperative, and those property licences donated by corporate benefactors instead of or in addition to funds that are then held and curated by the cooperative for exclusive access use and development by constituent members.

ΛSSΛ Cooperative: Λn Solas Sí (Sí pronounced Shee) in Gaeilge (Irish) simply means The Fairy Light in English, and hence Λn Solas Si ΛrtScience Cooperative, Λn Solas Si | Shadowplay Theatre & Culture Lab.